Badkast was designed by Anna van der Lei and has a few unusual characteristics. It can be used as a wardrobe, being able to accommodate outfits neatly organized on clothes hangers, but it can also serve as an indoor sauna. Here is a description from the designer: The Dutch version of the Finnish sauna. You do not have to have a large garden or a great deal of space to accommodate it: the dressing room and the bathing space are integrated in a single large closet made of larch wood. The specially designed joints expand when they become wet, ensuring that the bath closet remains fully watertight. The wood, taken from a single larch tree, gives out a pleasing pine aroma when the bath is filled. The doors at both the front and the back of the closet can be opened. You hang your clothes above the bath, so they are gently steamed while you are bathing. We salute this idea found on DigsDigs and consider this product quite original. We would be interested to know what you guys have to say regarding its functionality.