A Victorian terrace house in the heart of Paddington needed a makeover and what resulted from the work of Stanic Harding Architecture and Interiors you can see below: a beautiful and modern structure, that retained the original Victorian facade, but opened it to a new world. The backside of the building faces north and offers beautiful views of the surrounding neighbourhood. Here are a few words from the architect: “The project was an exercise in exploring the contemporary reworking of the standard terrace model, within the confines of heritage constraints, while accommodating the needs of a young family. The main street entrance was relocated to the new portion of the building. This provided a strong circulation spine from which all other parts of the house are accessed. The children’s bedrooms are accessed from the entry area with a further stair linking to the master bedroom suite and study on the upper level. Visitors are brought down into the main living areas of the house as directly as possible via the open wide stair within the vertically oriented entry volume.” While the entertaining room runs from one side of the building to the other, the space needed to be opened to the outdoor space, creating an indoor/outdoor passage that fills the room with fresh air. A built-in sofa softens the step down in the living room and sets of stairs make the connection between the floors.