Avenstar is the name given to this fantastic villa in St. Barts, the Caribbean. Exploring a contemporary look on both the interior and exterior design, the Avenstar`s architects provided the house with five large bedrooms, a huge living room which opens onto the terrace and a sunny deck, a heated infinity pool, a water fall stone garden and contemporary furniture. No wonder that this home is up for rent: it has so many great features, that everyone should be able to enjoy them. Besides having all the modern necessities and technologies, the Avenstar also features a wine cellar, perfect for an evening in the company of good wine and good friends. All throughout the living and sleeping areas, the colourful details cannot go unnoticed: a splash of red in one bedroom of the luxurious purple seen in another bedroom make the Avenstar a cheerful place where one can enjoy sun, water and excellent design.