Every morning when you wake up and stumble into the bathroom, for most of us the vanity mirror is the first place we look. If you are tired of just looking at a plain mirror, try brightening your mood and bathroom with a creative one! The world of mirrors is vast, but depending on the size of your vanity area, if you share the space, or if you want to highlight the entire wall, will help you choose the right one. Here are tips for making the first place you look an inspiring and brightening one.

  • Choose unique shapes: While rectangular and square mirrors are the norm, they don’t have to be. Bringing in different shaped mirrors such as oval, circular or even an arch shaped mirror will instantly boost your spirits in the morning. Try repurposing mirrors from old bedroom dressers and give them a new look with added embellishments such as seashells, rocks, or glass tile mosaics around the edges. The shape and the creative decorative touches could be gorgeous.
  • Use innovation in your mirrors: Every year the world of innovation and technology gets larger and larger, and keeps us wondering, “What will they think of next”? If you are a person who enjoys listening to your favorite songs while getting ready, or even catching up on the latest news, there is a vanity mirror for you. Mirrors that can connect to your MP3 player and television monitors that are installed inside the mirror are great ways to bring innovation into your bathroom.
  • Mounting with a view: What better way to greet the morning than looking outside? Home owners have found creative ways to mount their mirrors on window frames, and even hung mirrors from the ceiling in front of windows to get bright natural light, and views simultaneously. Several mirror manufacturers have side mirror mounting hardware which extends the mirror off of the wall by a few inches. This allows for your mirror to hang in front of the window as opposed to being affixed by the back. Consider mounting wall light sconces to the sides of your mirror(s) to bring light into your vanity area at night.
  • Make your mirror the center of attraction: Mirrors can extend across the whole length of your vanity to enlarge your bathroom and to bring drama to your space. Full length mirrors are a good idea for low light bathrooms, as light will reflect off of the mirror and in turn brighten your space. Vanity lighting can be installed through the mirror or consider using pendant lights or recessed lighting in the ceiling. Depending on your bathroom size, and sources of natural light, your mirror could help the aesthetic and visual appeal of your bathroom.

Your vanity mirror should be a welcoming asset of your bathroom, and not just a fixture that is ignored when you look into it. From shape and innovation to letting in natural views behind it, your vanity mirror just got brighter and more functional. Look through kitchen and bath magazines or grab inspiration from home decor blogs and websites. Designers have come up with creative ways to brighten your view, first thing in the morning.

Freshome readers do you have a creative way to display vanity mirrors in your bathroom? Who has one of those cool ones with the MP3 player or television? I want one!