This friendly and cozy looking home was designed by Bosworth Hoedemaker, LLC and is located in Guemes Island, Washington. The play between private and public spaces was the theme in mind when developing this project called North Puget Sound Compound. The owner has beautiful memories about time spent in summer cabins, which is why the architects envisioned a site with more than one comfortable retreats. This way the family can enjoy a relaxing time in any of the two delightful cabins, which are quite similar in form. Moreover, this unusual structured site provides a great opportunity for the family and guests to engage each other in the environment and at the end of the day it offers complete privacy. As one steps inside, things get even more alluring. Wooden elements make a beautiful contrast with the white wall paint and ensure a warm atmosphere. Nature is brought indoors due to the wide windows and original timber furniture. All in all, a dreamy home, that seems to invite its viewers to relax.