Constructed in Sydney, Australia, on a small lot of 115 square meters, Casa Haines is a modern semi-detached dwelling based on a complete renovation of a single story family house. Located in the Newtown neighbourhood, the residence designed by architect Christopher Polly consists of a long and narrow living space, containing everything needed for a single family: a bedroom, bathroom, an open floor kitchen and dining area, a small study room, a laundry room and an outside deck leading to a beautiful garden. The structure of the residence allows a natural ventilation system, while the small but necessary garden ensures frisk air, fresh thoughts and relaxation. Plataforma Arquitectura presented the house as being a place with all the elements aligned in one continuous space wrapped around the rear interior volume. A narrow passage links the old part of the house to the newly added kitchen and also acts like a passage from the slightly raised front part of the house to the lowered back. Having a slightly slanted roof ensures natural light for the dining room, living room and kitchen with the help of strategically placed windows. The roof continues over the deck into the garden, which measures 58 square meters. Take a look at the pictures below and then help us figure out if there is enough space available for a comfortable living situation.