Whether it is washing your face or washing your dinner dishes, most household sinks are thought of as utilitarian as opposed to being attractive, eye catching or even innovative! Sinks have reinvented themselves and the materials, shapes, and even the way water flows in and out of them now enhances your room, as opposed to being forgotten about with the plumbing pipes. If you are trying to add interest to your home, look what eye catching sinks will do for yours.

  • Bring on the innovation: Let’s face it, innovation in household fixtures have come a long way. The ability to wave your hand in front of a faucet to start the water used to be cutting edge technology.  Today, sinks have lighted LED display, warming hand soap dispensers and your everyday sink can be made of gold or see-through glass. When choosing sinks for your bathroom or kitchen research new plumbing innovations, as they appear on the market everyday. If you want the latest in home sink innovations, visit local house wares and home builder shows, or seek them out online. This is where the latest and greatest will be appearing, even prototypes that are yet to come.
  • A sink for every occasion: Sinks have now become more common in multiples throughout your home than just one in the kitchen. As entertaining needs have changed, and home owners are spending more time with guests, accessibility has become key. There are now ‘entertaining’ sinks that allow an area for your beverages to chill while your guests mingle, and even a martini shaped sink to bring a whimsy touch to your bar. Home owners are adding multiple sinks in the kitchen, one for dishwashing, then one in their center island for cleaning vegetables, and a pot filler faucet at the stove (so you don’t have to walk to the sink to fill large pots of water). There is no longer an excuse that you can’t get to the sink!
  • Small kitchens are still functional: With the onset of more home owners choosing smaller homes, apartments, and condos to live in, smaller kitchens are becoming more mainstream than in previous years. The ability to fit a sink amongst counter top space and appliances is always a challenge. Designers like Ensci are making kitchens that are all in one. Slideable counters that uncover a sink, cooking range, cupboards and cabinets below is an innovative way for multiple people to work in a small kitchen is ingenious. Sinks that have an adjacent drain board built into the counter are especially helpful for cleaning dishes and keeping the surrounding work surface dry. Small kitchens no longer need to feel unusable and uninviting.

If your hands are dirty and you don’t want to dirty up the sink controls, there is a sink for you. Even if you want your kitchen or bathroom to look majestic with an eye catching sink and innovative faucet, there is a sink for you too. The world of sinks has brought on a whole new meaning to cleaning and preparing food in your home. The ability to work better in your kitchen, to enjoy bathing in your bathroom and all while looking stylish and innovative is a plus. The next time you are trying to figure out how to add ambiance, innovation, and a new conversation starter to your space, look to your sink, cleaning has never been so much fun!

Freshome readers tell us what innovative new sinks you have seen lately! We’d love to hear.