Freshome has always brought you innovative, smart and cutting edge technology for your home. Whether it is cool architecture, sleek interiors, to latest in technology gadgets and appliances, we love bringing you new conveniences to use in your home. Kenmore® has introduced the Kenmore Elite Top-Load High Efficiency Washer and Steam Dryer to their already great line of home appliances. If you are looking for a washer and dryer that looks like it should be in a museum and performs even better, this pair will get you there. See how Kenmore’s’ – ‘Clean Look of Fashion’ washer and dryer can take care of your most commanding dirt from your kids playground to your ‘hand wash only’ special occasion designer wear.

  • Who knew appliances could be gorgeous? Sure, that car you’ve been eyeing in the magazine is gorgeous and so is that flat screen television that you can’t keep your eyes off of in the electronic store. Although, what if I told you that turquoise blue LED display lighting controls, turn dial selectors, and shimmery ginger metallic paint color describes a washer and dryer and not a car, would you be amazed?! These Kenmore Elite matching washer and dryer look gorgeous standing alone in an empty room, and will look even better in your laundry room. In today’s home interiors we look at our laundry room with the same emphasis as our living room and kitchens. We want to feel great using the appliances, but they better look good when they aren’t being used too!

  • Fashion meets function: The idea of a world renowned fashion designer trusting the Kenmore Elite washer and dryer with his fashions would make you rethink them for your home, yes? Thakoon Panichgul, loves how the pair look, but uses them in his personal home and for his runway fashions everyday. The Smart Motion Technology on the high efficiency washer features 6 wash motions to meet the needs of each fabric type that you can throw in it. Since the washer doesn’t have an agitator the customized motions can scrub, soak, and even penetrate your clothes, while still keeping the finest of clothes looking runway ready for you or your kids! Without the agitator you have space to fit a king size comforter without a thought, or only toss in a few workout clothes. If you want to personalize a cycle, use the ‘My Cycle’ feature and every time you use the washer or dryer, your settings will be instantly programmed in.
  • Dry cleaning results at home: One of the many things I love about this washer and dryer pair is how easy it is to get dry cleaning results from your home! I personally don’t have time to take clothes to the dry cleaners and wait for them for a few days. The convenience of washing and drying clothes for work, my gardening and work clothes, and turn around and wash and dry all the area rugs in the house, without leaving my home is short of brilliant! With the Kenmore Elite Steam Dryer the Steam Refresh function reduces wrinkles and odors in my clothes. This function coupled with the Static Shield setting means no more static shock, and my husband doesn’t have to spend a long time ironing his dress shirts. We both love how we don’t have to go to the dry cleaners anymore. Lastly, one of my favorite functions of the dryer, the ‘Sanitize cycle’. If you have kids that go to daycare and are around germs daily, I should have to say no more! This dryer will dry at an extra dry level to kill bacteria in your family’s clothes. This means a healthier and happier family.
  • Energy efficiency rules! I’m sure you have seen home appliances that have plenty of functionality but when it comes to receiving your energy bill, you wonder why you bought the appliances in the first place. The beauty of the Kenmore Elite Top-Load High Efficiency Washer and Steam Dryer is their incredible water and energy savings. The washer uses less water, which in turn means less diluted laundry detergent.  This can help you save money on detergent and you can save your household up to $134.00 US Dollars per year. These savings coupled with the high efficiency and cold water settings will help you remember monthly, why you bought them.
  • Innovative Kenmore Connect System: One of the concerns when buying innovative appliances is what to do when they need to be serviced or if you have a troubleshooting question. Kenmore has revolutionized this worry with the Kenmore Connect System. With the push of a button and a telephone in hand, these washer and dryers can send data to a Kenmore service technician and they can diagnose what is wrong with your machine! This saves you time without the hassle of worrying about a service person coming to your home. It’s just one more way Kenmore Elite Top-Load High Efficiency Washer and Steam Dryer are changing the way we love washing and drying our clothes.

From their cool and innovative design that is trusted by designer, Thakoon Panichgul, to their energy savings and innovative service ability, Kenmore has produced a winning combination of appliances. The peace of mind in having technology to bring your clothes a personalized touch will keep them lasting longer and will keep you and your family happy that you used them. Discover today how the Kenmore Elite Top-Load High Efficiency Washer and Steam Dryer can change how you spend time in the laundry room!

Disclosure: A free review sample of this product was provided by Sears Kenmore via Glam Media.