It is very rare we see lamps that have such an unusual exterior. Found on plusMood, Clamp is an intriguing lighting design by DZ Studio which comes with a unique personality. The black and white upholstery turns these pendant lamps into “cozy” items, ones that can be better integrated in a warm home. Here is more from the designers: The inspiration comes from the pattern of Chesterfield sofas (Capitonné) applied to the exterior surface of the lamp. It was hard to define the right size of every rhomb and find the quality of leather that could fit the radius of the hemispheric surface. We have chosen a soft and first quality leather used in the clothing industry that could stretch perfectly for our requirements. The contrast between the smooth interior and the sophisticated, deep buttoned exterior is ideal for a modern interior space with a touch of glamor and classic style. Freshome readers, do you find these pendant lamps appealing or too extravagant?