The Peaks View residence was designed by Carney Logan Burke and is located near Wilson, Wyoming, within a fascinating natural environment, close to the mountains. With two major objectives in mind- of creating a home that would integrate well in its environment, but one that would also answer the modern living needs of the owners- the architects envisioned a residence with quite a few original characteristics:  A pair of two-story gabled structures present a traditional face to the neighborhood, while the single-story living pavilion, with its expansive shed roof, tilts up to recognize views and capture daylight for the primary living spaces. This trio of buildings wrap around a south-facing courtyard, a warm refuge for outdoor living during the short summer season in Wyoming. Broad overhangs, articulated in wood, taper to thin steel “brim” that protects the buildings from harsh western weather. The roof of the living pavilion extends to create a covered outdoor extension for the main living space. The interiors combine the coziness of a mountain home with contemporary details, leading to charming and inviting interiors.