When trying to add a bold statement to your home interiors don’t go overboard and make your guests run from the room! Bold doesn’t have to be over the top in fact a saturation of color for your accent wall, could be all of the bold appeal you need. In recent home interior trends, textiles, wall colors, and furnishings are showing a transition to making a statement in your space. If you like your home to represent your bold personality and way of decorating, here are helpful tips to tastefully “bold up” your interiors!

  • Accentuate with bold color: To tastefully bring bold into your interiors with color, determine which color will accentuate your space best. If you have an ample portion of natural light pouring into your space, a darker and more dramatic color can amplify the room without feeling overpowering. If your space doesn’t have a lot of light, opt for brighter colors or more saturated hues of color. This will naturally reflect more light, and will make your bold color feel inviting instead of shocking.
  • Using bold decor: Do you have any bold artwork or accessories that you want to display, but don’t want your furnishings to clash? Try using a neutral palette of whites, and blacks as a backdrop to your gorgeous bold decor. By choosing one or two colors throughout your space for unity, you can showcase wall artwork, sculptural pieces, or even have a bold area rug that makes a statement for the whole room. The trick is balance. For every bold piece of decor, balance it with neutrals in your furnishings, and room finishes, and the look will be perfect.
  • Bold and subdued: Some of the greatest interior spaces are ones in which the play between bold and subdued are combined to make the space an experience for the inhabitant. If you have a killer lime green couch that you absolutely love, try placing it amongst more tame furnishings that pick up the lime green details, but are more subdued in their styling. Consider using a mixture of traditional styled decor with trendy bold colors. The balance between bold color and classical lines will make the room have a beautiful synergy.
  • Make a statement: Your home is the one place on this Earth that no one has to dictate how it looks, so make a statement! If you like a bold light fixture that is questionable in a space, figure out how to play up the rest of the room to make your light fixture fit in. It may be removing a bold color from your walls, or it may be as simple as taking down the dark window treatments, and letting in more natural light. However you want to make your home feel like its unique, go for it!

Bold interiors can be the best thing that happens to your home. Bold colors, decor, and accessories can bring out your personality without you saying a word when guests visit. Inspiration decor blogs and helpful home decor publications are filled with designer bold themes to get ideas. If you prefer, make up your own eclectic style and be proud to show it off in your home. After all, if you don’t experiment with bold interiors, your neighbors will and you will be envious!

Freshome readers do you have any suggestions for bringing bold accents into your home? Do you use color, accessories? We’d love to hear your comments!