French architects Pascal Grasso took the idea of decorating an interior to a new level with this next contemporary apartment in Paris. Using architectural blocks to create a ceiling landscape on a monochrome background, the designer managed to gracefully hide the necessary modern features like the air-conditioning, the sound system, lighting and ventilation behind plaster boxes mounted on the ceiling. The rectangular volumes extend down the walls and into the overall aspect of the interior, forming furniture and storage spaces. With a total area of 280 m² and a large terrace, the apartment had to be carefully designed so that the space would be functional and modern. A connection between the inside space and the terrace had to be created and this is how the designer did that: “A large volume, opened directly on the terrace, is created. It will become the main space of the floor, the reception room. The bedrooms are rearranged on the first level. Device, consisting in visual accumulation of volumes, creates rhythm in the new space. They invade the floor, walls and ceiling. The ceiling is the strong element structuring the room.”