Fresh interiors are a big part of what we do here on Freshome. We try to bring the best modern residences to serve as inspiration for you to create the perfect home for your family. Today we chose to showcase one of the urban designs in Lori Dennis’ portfolio. Her design company, Lori Dennis Inc., specializes in green residential design and this can be clearly seen throughout the interiors she works on. Considering projects from all over the world, the designer carefully studies her clients to find the perfect solution for their dwelling. This next home is a complex collection of shapes and colours that fit perfectly together in a puzzle made from quality furniture and carefully chosen details. Lori’s expertise in interior and exterior decorating has won her many awards and if you take a closer look, you will find out just how much effort was put into each room. A modern and urban feel surrounds her style and further strengthens her abilities as an interior designer. Enjoy the following images!