This next beautiful residence was designed by the Lithuanian architectural practice Natkevi?ius. Constructing a modern single family house based on a cannon foundry was a challenge for the architects. But once the idea formed into their minds, they decided to preserve the old structure in a contemporary glass box. The old yellow brick lodge received a full restoration and other elements were added to perfect the modernity of the home. A Turkish bath in the basement can be used for relaxation. On the ground floor, the living room, kitchen, dining room, children`s bedrooms and wardrobe ensure the family’s comfort, while the attic is reserved for the master bedroom. The architects explain their choices: “The customer is a banker and antique book collector. A four member family house. Cleaning the plaster of a house revealed that the lodge had been built by ancient bricks which were made in a old Vilnius brick factories. The historical house structure have been carefully restored. Library of a collection of ancient books equipped in the basement of historical lodge.

Via Mocoloco