This residence may be characterized by some as “odd”. Located in Kodaira, Tokyo, Japan and developed by Suppose Design Office, this home was designed for a family of four members and comes with quite an interesting exterior. Here is the official description of the project from the architects: Because of the conditions, our theme was to create a house to open to the outside yet it could keep a private space. To create the courtyard as a semi private zone, a tent structure was used for a partition to separate the two spaces. The tent is covering the garden as if it was a roof, a wall and also a fence. The structure creates the outside environment as a part of interior of the house. Moreover, the sliding doors at the living room can be totally open to the front garden to engage the comfortable green space to the private rooms. Do you find this uncommon method of creating an indoor/outdoor connection appealing? (Photos: © Toshiyuki Yano)- via Arch Daily