For today we would like to present this ingenious House of Cards table by Brazilian designer-architect Mauricio Arruda, an idea as exciting as it is creative. Here is an interesting description of the process of production from the designer’s page: “To manufacture the table, a process of laser cutting was used. This technology created a perfect reproduction of a deck of cards in scale 13:1. Subsequently, steel cards were welded one to one forming a second?story house of cards that serves as an under frame. These frames feature a versatile look to the piece, since they are capable of supporting different sized tabletops. The design options were made to accommodate form 6 to 10 seats . The images of the playing cards are printed individually in the plates of steel, which allows each table to have a different configuration, becoming single pieces. They are assembled like a house of cards in a real cards game, where each piece is drawn randomly.” What a clever way to bring freshness and charm to a room!- via yatzer