Villa Lima was designed by architect Johan Sundberg and is located in a Höllviken, south of Malmö, Sweden. Especially developed in order to serve as a family summer getaway, this modern, yet cozy home looks like the perfect place to relax and enjoy free time. Here are more details from the architects: “From a designers point of view this building type is a challenge. A traditional saddle roof is to be combined with a held-back modern design. This leads to challenges around the roof edges. Large glazed sliding doors and crisp dormers require steel reinforcements within the timber frame. A goal in the design process was to create a prismatic form, a play of volumes without any unnecessary leaps or edges.The design dissolves the traditional 1,5-story bottom level plan and opens up the structure both over the corners and up through the first floor. Lines-of-sight penetrate the house and the window positions work to frame the scenery on the outside.” With economical features, an impressive architecture and spacious living areas, you guys will surely agree that this home makes for a fantastic summer retreat. (Pictures © Kasper Dudzik)- via gBlog