Located in an arid Yucca Valley in California, the Bluesky Home is an ingenious project consisting of a sustainable and highly adaptable residence. This unusual crib was designed by Blue Sky Homes LLC and architect Lance O’Donnell of o2 Architecture. Maximizing the views and ensuring a high level of privacy were the main goals when developing this unique building. Here is the official description from the architects: The 1,000 square feet house with 340 square feet of outdoor deck is positioned above the site surface on moment-resisting columns and beams of cold-formed, light gauge steel. The building envelope is composed by a grid of pre-manufactured Steel Thermal Efficient Panels and standardized building components. The bathroom module, containing all home mechanical, plumbing, and electrical services, is built off-site and delivered finished with the flat packed kit-of parts. Interiors are defined by the placement of storage cabinetry, eliminating interior framed walls. Solar technologies provide electricity, hot water and space heating. The flat packed building components minimize transportation volume and promote sustainability through material and structural efficiency.(Photography: Nuvue Interactive)