With a very complex interior design, the Coronet Grove Residence by Maddison Architects is located in the Beaumaris suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The dynamic architecture speaks about the beauty of combining raw design with the love for details. Featuring 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, the residence has sophisticated open spaces and showcases a meticulous attention to details. The neighborhood had a deep impact on the design of the house and this led to an amazing connection to the surroundings. Panoramas of the Port Phillip Bay can be easily enjoyed from the long and narrow terrace, but also from the large windows that allow light to constantly create elegant shadows in each room. The architects have a better understanding of the surprising interior and exterior of the house: “Formally, the house is split into two rectangular boxes. The black, zinc-clad southern box encloses living, kitchen and outdoor spaces, and cantilevers out beyond its ground floor enclosure to capture 270° Port Phillip Bay views. The discrete activities of the house, such as sleeping and bathing, are accommodated with the separate masonry northern wing.