It is often said the kitchen is the heart of the home. If you have a fireplace in your home, you can equally say it is as well. From the heat it gives off, the ambiance it creates, and the presence it holds in the room as the focal point, your fireplace takes center stage. When choosing a fireplace, the mantle that sits above it comes in a variety of styles, colors, and many don’t have a mantle at all. Here’s how to choose a fireplace mantle to fit you and your home’s decorative style.

  • Purpose of the mantle: For many, the purpose of the mantle is just as important as the look. The mantle acts as a crown or anchor to the fireplace visually, and allows a decorative display area for family pictures, artisan décor, and seasonal decorations. Depending on how you want your fireplace to look, will help you decide if a mantle that holds family mementos fits your design style or if you’d prefer a slim and sleek one that doesn’t hold anything.
  • Profile options: Traditional mantels were made of wood, concrete or stone, and had hand carved and intricate detailing in them. More traditional homes may have side detailing from the fireplace that reach down to the floor. If your home has a rustic décor, consider using the fireplace rock, brick or a piece of timber for your mantle. Sleek and sophisticated décor may opt for a very thin and minimal mantle or opt for none at all.
  • Fit your fireplace style and size: If your fireplace is large, than a mantle that fits the robust nature of your fireplace would be fitting. A horizontal mantle doesn’t have to be restricted to the width of the fireplace opening. The mantle can become the main feature of the fireplace, and wrap around your fireplace that is double sided in the center of the room. Determine what size of mantle will dimensionally fit and what style coincides with your fireplace. Too large of mantle can overpower, while too small can look awkward and not visually appealing.
  • Unique fireplaces may not need a mantle: Fireplaces have seen a design influenced shift in recent years, and the appeal for unique and one-of-a-kind fireplaces is popular. If your design style would prefer a fireplace that you can’t find everywhere, seek out artisans and masons who build and handcraft fireplaces. Also, research designer fireplaces on the internet. From fire pits that can be installed in your living room, to open fireplaces with no walls, a unique fireplace will be a conversation piece instantly in your room.

Your fireplace mantle can become the place for displaying your family’s photos and achievements, or it can be left bare and welcoming all alone. From large and chunky mantles to the absence of a mantle, to aesthetically concentrate on only the fireplace, your decorative style will help you decide. For inspiration, visit model homes, flip through magazines or visit fireplace showrooms to give you ideas for your space. Remember, a fireplace can go in a bathroom, study, bedroom, or you can opt for movable fireplaces as well! Choose your style, and then warm your home with a mantle that is perfect for your decorative space.

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