Blub lounge is an intriguing looking lounge club designed by Elia Felices Interiorismo and located in Barcelona, mimicking a small sub-aquatic world. Here is the description we received from the project developers: “The first immersion takes place as we come through the door with its vegetable, organic imagery. The open interior space enables circuits of interaction to be established. Movement between the different public areas has been made easier by the use of divisions built into the walls, using new elements such as the blue anodized aluminum Kriska® curtains, which link up to make a light and versatile mesh screen on the upper part of the walls which is both decorative and functional in that it allows spaces to be defined while providing light, colour and movement similar to that of water. The space has been organized to operate on one practically rectangular level, where the various areas are marked by  differences in height.

The lighting, shapes, colours, furniture and the space itself create the experience of forming part of an undersea world. The light shining onto the different elements is broken up into tiny shafts, resembling the rays of light under the sea, bathing every detail in an underwater glimmer. One of the crucial areas for more sophisticated clients, the VIP area, is designed with vertical rows of different plant species, dividing the space into geometric modules of varying height to create a natural, living environment which both protects and provides privacy for those who want to get away from the crowds.” (photography: Rafael Vargas)