It’s high time you put all your worries, regrets, bad memories and bad habits aside and start anew. “2011- Best Year Ever” is the message delivered by this folk calendar from Etsy. The motivational graphic print measures 11 x 17 and can be purchased online for only 6$. We consider it to be a nice gift for anyone in need of encouragement. We took this idea further and created a Facebook page for all of you out there with remarkable plans for the next 12 months. We hope 2011 Will Be My Best Year Ever Facebook Page will join together people from over the world and create a community united by an optimistic, winner’s attitude. Just click the “Like” button and welcome the positive vibes which should guide you in the year to come. We’re really curious how many people we can get to this page so don’t forget to also invite a few of your friends.

Freshome Readers, we wish you a spectacular 2011 with plenty of memorable moments ! And in the mean time, we will be here to deliver the best of the best and inspire you like never before. Finally don’t forget to join our experiment on Facebook here and also invite a few of your friends.