JG Group have recently exhibited their latest furniture collections Inspira and Modul in Cologne (Germany). Here is an excerpt from the press release they sent us together with 8 stylish group desk ideas. “Modern and timeless, robust and light at the same time, and easy to assembly.With a wide range of shapes, solutions, materials and finishes. We wanted to create a collection which would convey elegance in its design and the quality of its materials. Inspira is a system featuring numerous solutions, with straight or shaped tops and single or group workstations. In multiple workstation configurations practical wiring systems with functional covers make it easy to hook up computers and other devices. The central wiring system has three slots which make it easy to add accessories such as shelves, dividing panels and screen supports. All Inspira system desks are height adjustable and have a handle especially designed to match.” Do you think these work units could inspire workaholic to anyone?