Tan Residence was designed by Chrystalline Artchitect and is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. The main goals when developing the project were to ensure a large amount of natural light and good air circulation throughout the residence. There are many elements that contributed to these two major objectives which were cleverly achieved. According to the architects,  the house opens up in the back towards a large garden, which ensures the refreshment and privacy that the owner needs. Here is more about the inner structure of the project from the architects: “The vertical circulation towards the upper level of the house is in the form of a cantilever stair with frameless glass railings, which is positioned right next to the living room. This creates a sense of unity within the main room and the upper level. In the upper floor, a connecting bridge is located between the master bedroom, children’s bedroom and study room. This bridge transverse right in the middle of the void, therefore the activities of the owner could be seen whether in the living room, dining room, study room or master bedroom.”- via Arch Daily

first floor plan

second floor plan