Experience has taught us that when we see an unusually gorgeous interior design, we must look beyond the overall aspect and appreciate the details. This next house is designed and decorated around the idea that heaven is closer than you think. Using white as a background and bright shades of grey and beige, the Norwegian villa found on Finn has a miraculous angelic feeling. Everything from the playful display of wood strips that dress the outside walls to the crisp and fresh interior design merges into an outstanding, lovely home. The two floors, plus the ground floor, give enough space for the inhabitants to live a comfortable life.

Laid on 412 square meters, the villa features entertaining and private areas. On the first floor we can find the 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms, a hall and a washroom. The second floor is structured in such a way that the rooms offer relaxation and entertainment. Here we can find the living room and kitchen, but also the two terraces that insure fresh air and meditation surrounded by the view and the crisp breeze. This layout was chosen in order to protect the privacy of the family living here and offer a great entertaining space for guests. This is why the upstairs can also be reached from the outside staircase. Enjoy the pictures and don`t forget to let us know your favourite details. – via Decoist