In most homes the laundry room is one of the most neglected rooms.  Although, many home owners spend a majority of their time in their laundry room.  Is it because the laundry room isn’t on display like the kitchen, so we neglect how it looks and how efficient it is laid out? Similarly to your kitchen, an efficient laundry room will help you enjoy the space while you’re in it.  For those that hate doing the laundry, it may be because the layout isn’t efficient and you track back over your steps continually. Look at how to layout an efficient laundry room.

Determine how much time you spend currently:

Whether you have a large family and feel like you’re continuously doing laundry, or you’re a single athletic person who’s always doing laundry, asses your habits. Laundry rooms should reflect your lifestyle and are supposed to simplify your daily routines. Do you pick one day to do all the laundry? Do you lack area to sort, fold and organize clothes? Is your laundry room small and needs more organization?

Plan zones in your laundry room:

For an efficient layout consider making zones or areas in your laundry room.  The 3 main zones are: 1.) Dirty area 2.) Clean area 3.) Work space. Each of these areas will differ in size and organization based on your home and space allocation. Regardless of these factors, the smallest and largest laundry rooms will be more efficient while incorporating these 3 areas.

Dirty area:

If you have space, consider having laundry baskets or hampers adjacent to the washer/dryer area for family member to toss soiled clothes in throughout the week. If space is a challenge, consider sorting clothes in separate laundry bags and bringing in one by one to fill washer.  The ideal dirty area will have space for treating soiled clothes and room to store.

Clean area:

In this zone will be clean clothes that come out of the dryer to be folded in the work zone or it can be a hanging area. Many clothes don’t need to be put in the dryer.  An area for hanging clothes is ideal, and a countertop or work surface should be adjacent to the dryer for efficiency. The less you have to walk from space to space, the better.


This area can include ironing board, countertop work surfaces, and area to put cleaning supplies, solvents, etc… If you share your space with a mudroom or a garage. The workspace could double for other functions other than laundry to make it multifunctional.

Add storage for functionality:

If there is one thing every laundry room can use is storage.  Don’t assume if your laundry area is small that you don’t have space for storage.  Smaller laundry room should take advantage of height with shelving, baskets, and labeled bins for storage on top.  For front load washer and dryers install a countertop surface above to maximize workspace. For larger laundry rooms, cabinetry and closet storage area works well for housing brooms, mops and cleaning supplies often found in laundry room areas.

Your laundry room can be efficient with the help of zones and storage areas to make your time effective while using.  Laundry rooms that are housed in mudrooms can maximize efficiency by having storage, seating, and cleaning functions all in one room.  Whichever size laundry room you have, make it your mission to make if efficient. This will help you not get easily fatigued and might help you enjoy doing the laundry!

Freshome reader’s what do you like or dislike about your laundry room? If you have a laundry room you love, share with us what makes it great!