An old mansion in Belgium, in the city of Ghent, shelters an astonishing apartment. The first thing you see is that there are no doors in the apartment. The owner does not like doors, so the space remained open and the interior design concentrates on the placement of the furniture. Exquisite furniture was carefully chosen to compliment the interiors of the apartment. The basic colours used as background are black and white. Coloured details like the yellow fridge or the light brown of the couch look ravishing against the white walls. Black storage cabinets run along the wall in the living room from one end to another. Large windows spread sunlight across the room and make this space an open field of dreams. The living room is centered around a distressed leather B&B Bambole vintage that lies on top of a beautiful vintage area rug. Everything in this home seems to remind us of a simple space filled with personality – home to many beloved items. Photos: Vercruysse Frederik