Beach Road 2 is a fresh and surprising architecture project designed by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects and located in Jupiter Island, Florida, USA. The white facade of the residence makes an astonishing contrast with the colors of the beach. Here is more from the architect’s description: “Like driftwood collecting in courses on the beach, the house comfortably nestles in the interstices between waterfront and road along a narrow site on the northern coast of Jupiter Island. Spare in its 3,600 square feet, the house and its materials manifest the surprise of a beachcomber’s serendipitous and precious finds—of worn beach glass, an abandoned marine vessel, or an ephemeral pattern in the sand—and a riff on spontaneity and permanence. At once modern and timeless, the house is both a quaint coastal cottage and a chic isle villa. The cerebral geometries of the house are complemented by the pitched nautical dynamism of a structure perched on piers and railings, ready to set sail at a moment’s notice.” (Photographs by Ken Hayden)