From sleek stainless steel in your kitchen appliances, to the chrome finished pendant lamps in your dining area, silver tones can make your interiors feel cool and sophisticated. Silver tones come in a variety of metals: silver, chrome, nickel, stainless steel, and of course platinum. If you’re looking for a way to make your spaces feel modern or vintage, silver tones are the perfect choice. Even your vintage collection of silver antiques can make your home feel classy and pulled together. See how timeless silver tones can transform your interiors.

  • The timeless appeal of silver tones: Regardless of the age of your home, or the time period you’re trying to convey in your interior aesthetic, silver tones can deliver.  Silver tones help bring a ‘cool to the touch’ look and from Victorian homes to ultra modern homes, gray tones act as a neutral and make your interiors meld together in all the right ways. Add collections of silver in varying tones on your bookshelves, counters, and display areas. Varying heights and color varieties will add visual interest and timeless appeal.
  • Furniture glamour: Desks, chairs and tables can all add an element of surprise when you adorn them in silver tones in small details or all over the entire piece of furniture. Chrome and stainless legs on tables and chairs give a slick and floating appearance to heavy upholstery. While using silver paint or metallic faux finishes over your furniture can bring an outdated piece to sleek contemporary without any fuss. Try mixing and matching leather, wood, and textiles with silver tone metals to contrast and complement your furniture style.
  • Adding silver tones to your walls: The usual thought of silver tones involves metal in your furniture and accessories. Try adding silvery metallic tones to wallpaper and paint to give an added dimension to your room.  Whether you use as an accent wall or use for your entire space, be mindful of how reflective your wall surfaces are. If using highly reflective surfaces in a room with a lot of natural light, a glare could be produced. Opt for duller sheens for rooms with ample natural light, and for darker rooms add more reflective wallpapers and paints to maximize light.
  • Mix and match your favorite tones: The beauty of silver tones is the versatility of mixing and matching various metals, tones, and finishes. Highly polished chrome and stainless steel can look great paired with matte finish nickel, for example. In your bathroom, consider using matte finish chrome plumbing fixtures for your sink and shower area. Add a variety of finishes with light fixtures, towel racks, and bath accessories throughout your room. Choose any room to mix and match and see how silver tone metals can work beautifully together or apart.

You will be surprised how silver tones can cool down your interiors while visually adding sophistication. Home decor trends show silver tones woven in fabrics and then used in area rugs or flooring. Experiment in your home and see how creative you can be. If you’re tired of boring interiors, add reflectivity in your flooring, ceiling, or walls, they will instantly add life to your space. Silver tones can be bold with glamour or subtly add sophistication. Choose your style and marvel in the transformation of your space with silver tones.

Freshome readers tell us how you use silver tones in your interiors. Do you mix and match tones, or keep them all the same? Tell us in the comment section below.