Window to the World is a spectacular residence designed by John Sanderson Architects and built by Martin Rowley from Global Spaces. Here is the official project description we received:” Waking up to spectacular views of Port Phillip Bay every morning was the exciting offer for this home location, and John Sanderson, of John Sanderson Architects, reveled in the challenge of designing a new home that welcomed the natural environment inside, but was practical in function to create a homely living experience. For environmental and practical reasons John Sanderson retained a substantial amount of the existing two storey structure, but rearranged living areas. The spectacular views determined the main living areas, including an external deck and the Master Bedroom which were located on the upper levels, with the lower levels accommodating three bedrooms, a billiard room and informal living areas. Architectural add-ons such as specially designed sunscreens were chosen to assist the thermal performance of the building in the summer months.

The rear north wall is entirely high performance Viridian glass in large 2.4 meter high and 2.5 meter wide sliding panel windows to reveal the spectacular views. John considers his new home the definition of comfort and durability that honors and respects the beautiful bay environment.“Since the owners moved in, the home has withstood the extremes of the environment, from the dramatic wind and rain of the escarpment to the glare of the sun and water and the heat of the summer,” said John. “All the while they’ve enjoyed a comfortable home with beautiful views, saved on energy bills and they haven’t once had to wear sunnies inside.”(Images by Bonnie Savage Photography)