Sunset Plaza Residence was designed by David Thompson and Kevin Southerland from Assembledge Architects and is located above the Sunset Strip in the famous Hollywood Hills. Just another proof that some people really don’t hold back when it comes to building their crib, this abode seems to have it all: an impressive and uncommon architecture, an infinity pool that dazzles the senses, floor to ceiling windows and to top it all, dramatic panoramic views of Los Angeles. Defying our common perception of a comfortable home, this 5,000 sq ft residence is built in a contemporary fashion and is opened to the surrounding landscape due to movable glass walls. Moreover, the L-shape ensures good natural lighting in every room of the house. This goes to show that aside from having a jaw-dropping appearance, Sunset Plaza also has sustainable features. The interiors are imposing and breathtaking, with a layout that proves high-class tastes while in the same time allowing the home to breathe. What do you think? Impressive enough for the Hollywood Hills?