The 56th Street apartment is a renovation project from Architects Estudio Ramos, located in Manhattan, New York. Here is the information we received from the architects, together with some striking before and after photos by Soledad Ramos:

“The history and elegance of the Lombardy Building, dating from 1926, together with its privileged location in Manhattan, merited a total renovation of this two story apartment. Its size, exposure (NE, SE, and SW) and floor plan are unique and the potential for a luminous, modern and sophisticated living space was evident. The basic idea for this renovation was to create a straightforward, elegant, and clean design, taking advantage of the luminous and excellent views and creating an atmosphere of comfort, functionality and simplicity. All spaces were totally redone.  Windows that had been blocked over were reopened, permitting more direct sunlight. Beams and ceilings on the lower floor were leveled to give the area a more spacious look, and also allowing a unified lighting treatment.

Hardwood floors were used in the lower floor.The outdated staircase was renovated using walls, light colored wood and carpeting, setting the tone to the upper floor bedrooms. The kitchen was totally redesigned and an opening to the dining room was added, giving this space direct light, ampleness and functionality. In the TV room a closet was transformed into an office space with desk and shelving. In the entire apartment the radiators were hidden using low-built in furniture that in some cases were used as shelving. The second floor bathrooms received special attention. Marble and distinctive lighting ensured elegance .The main bath was enlarged to add a shower besides the bath. Wooden planters and deck were added to the terrace, giving this outdoor space an inviting atmosphere. Neutral tones were used on walls, window treatment and furniture. The color accents come from the art work by south American artists, some of them include  G. Serra, D. Batalla , M. Lockett and D. Sarzale. The overall effect of the apartment is cheerful and sophisticated.”

Before and after photos below: