Here’s an idea that should make you enjoy your holidays to the fullest. Bordeaux based sculptur Etienne Meneau created the Strange Carafes collection in order to demonstrate “how wine becomes modern”. An unusual approach to wine decanters, his designs combine art with functionality and induce their viewers’ astonishment. Here is a statement from the designer: “My work turns around geometry and nature, I love to put some flesh on geometrical shapes… that’s why vegetal life  interests me… It is a pure  living geometry and algebra  (for example the Carafe N°6 is inspired by a branch of fig tree)...” Whether they resemble “big hearts”, tree branches or blood vessels, these incredible looking decanters can transform a wine tasting gathering into a classy and unforgettable experience. The prices for these spectacular items is no less dramatic, going up to 2500 euros for one design. Looking forward to your impressions on these “sculptures for the connoisseurs”.