Designed by Jimmy Brattain from Design Works Studios, the Coffee Pot Residence is a large home built on 9,000 square feet. Both the interior and the exterior design of this home are magnificent. The outside is a white architectural jewel, with amazing corners and lines that can astound even the most humble of persons. The front facade plays with proportions and angles, but the overall design seems to be a very equilibrated one. On the other hand, the extensive interiors are adorned with all kinds of decorations that make the furniture stand out on the light coloured backgrounds. An impressive kitchen steals your breath away. By combining green and natural wood, the designer managed to overcome the natural instinct of creating a home in which everything seems to merge together. Marble countertops contrast with the modern green tiles and form an impressive style. The master bathroom adds to the feeling of grandeur with the help of the tall ceiling that accommodates an exceptional chandelier. Not only beautiful and stylish but also eco-friendly, this house features a roof rainwater collection used to flush toilets and irrigate the native landscaping, double insulated doors and windows, solar panels, and LED lighting.