If you think animal prints in your home décor can only be in a bear skinned rug on the floor, think again! Animal prints in home décor can take your interiors from boring to exciting without changing the entire room. From furniture and textiles to simple table accessories, your space could benefit from having vibrant animal prints or try using it for accents in small quantities. Whichever you choose, animal prints will make you rethink the plain and everyday décor style. Here are a few ways to liven your interiors today.

  • Make animal print the center of attention: If you like big and bold décor, large animal print is right up your décor street! From large zebra stripes to large scaled giraffe prints, try using these in your area rugs and in your furniture. To keep your room from getting overly busy for the eye, choose which items you are going to use large print. For other décor in the room, pair solids and contrasting colors to balance out the boldness of the animal prints. Ottomans, throw pillows and side chairs are a good place to start.
  • Art work can help the room stay sophisticated: If you are concerned that your space will feel like an African safari instead of a living room, tie your furnishings and art work together. Meaning, take your design cues from animal print paintings, photographs, and modern sculpture in your room. Visit home décor stores that have a large selection of imported wares from worldwide crafters and artisans. Often times you can find art work that looks authentic but luckily for you, costs half of the price!
  • Monochromatic color scheme made easier: If you enjoy the clean and simple color scheme of white and black, but don’t want your interiors to feel stark and boring, animal prints are a perfect choice. Similarly for cheetah, and jaguar prints, choose a few colors to engulf your entire space with. Grab color inspiration from your favorite zebra print and then use those colors on your walls, flooring, and window treatment. It’s a modern twist on monochromatic décor styling for your space.
  • Mix and match: Stripes, polka dots, and animal print? Sure! The trick behind mixing patterns is to unite them with color and keep the print small enough to enjoy, but not large enough to disrupt the eye. Mix patterns, solids, and unite them with neutrals to unite the entire space beautifully. If you’re uncomfortable with mixing and matching, purchase pieces one at a time, and grow the room as you see fit. There are no rules, except to exude comfort and welcoming interiors to your guests. Who would have thought animal prints could be so versatile?

From your simple lines of your furniture to the robust flavor of animal prints, your interiors can come alive with the presence of them. Look through your favorite home décor magazine animal print trends and see how designers think of new uses every day. If you love a furniture piece in the store, grab it and build your room around it. Doesn’t every great room start with an inspiration piece?

Freshome reader’s do you have animal print in your home décor? How did you use it without it overpowering the space? Leave your comments below.