We know that we have a lot of Freshome readers who are dog lovers, which is why we would like to dedicate this post to them. Pets or no pets, every canine enthusiast’s room could be “upgraded” with the help of a cool blueprint rendering of his or her favorite breed. Here is a statement from the Animal Blueprint Company regarding this original decorating idea : “Many people ask us about the idea and how we came up with it in the first place.  These dog prints are a combination of our love for dogs and our passion for architecture and modern graphic design. Animal Blueprints are unique renderings of canines in the style of a 1950’s blueprint. Each print highlights the physical traits unique to each breed. Robert Redding, former VP of design for Quicksilver for 12 years expresses his passion for dogs in a classical architectural drawing. A blueprint rendering of our favorite pets to hang with pride on the walls of our office or living room, bedroom or garage.” There are currently 50 different blueprints with dog breeds available, but special orders are also welcomed. For further details or for ordering a print online, you can contact the producers here.

Boston Terrier print detail 1

Boston Terrier print detail 2