Inspiration can be found anywhere, as long as the artist opens his eyes and his heart. Once the idea is captured, all the designer has to do is arrange it in such a manner that it will impress because of its uniqueness. An empty apartment in Stockholm, Sweden, was recreated by Tham & Videgard Architects to capture the wonderful colours of autumn. The artists played with shades of green, yellow, brown, red, orange and pink to create an amazing puzzle on the floors and walls of the apartment. Multicoloured and fun, the oversized parquet flooring was inspired by the proximity of the Humlegarden Park, an amazing display of natural colours that can be seen from the windows of the home. This is also why the apartment was named the Humlegarden Apartment. All the colours were ingeniously arranged in the rooms of the apartment to represent the four seasons: “From winter grey and black, to bright and deep green in summer, to orange, red and yellow during autumn.