If you thought IKEA”s ingenious advertising strategy in Paris stopped at showcasing furniture in high-traffic metro-stations, wait till you see this season’s campaign!  According to the company’s press release,  IKEA continues to improve the everyday life of the Parisians, by ‘transforming bus shelters into small cozy lounges. An innovative break at this period of crazy Christmas shopping. From 15 till 21 December 2010, IKEA is in the streets, offering the inhabitants and visitors of the Capital town, the possibility to wait for the bus in an IKEA lounge, comfortably sited in a sofa of the famous Swedish brand.’ The makeover includes 12 bus shelters located next to important commercial centers. As people shop, shop, shop, IKEA’s awareness grows. We are looking forward to more surprising ideas from the furniture giant this Christmas. Do you happen to know of any other witty winter campaigns that they initiated this year?