Today we came across an ingenious apartment design on Stadshem. All the elements gathered by the designers that worked on creating the interiors of this home produce an overwhelming feeling of luxurious living. The white walls in each room are accentuated by elements that enhance their simplicity: dark beams running through the ceilings, a wallpaper showing a small part of a forest and the stone fireplace. The apartment is situated in the attic of a building, so almost all the walls are slanted. Many skylights insure the bright sunlight needed to emphasize the contemporary furniture and well chosen decorations. A tiny balcony barely accommodates a table and four chairs, but offers just enough space for the morning coffee to be enjoyed together with the frisk air. Although the apartment is not very large, all the spaces were used at maximum. Storage space takes up every corner but it looks as if the comfort was not disturbed. Wooden stairs with metal railings connect the living area with the bedroom. Every room is connected to the next and we can barely see any walls separating the living spaces. Even if the apartment is not suited for a big family, we think that it brings out the best in small space design.