Regardless of the amount of space you have, or the décor of your room, a side table can always be used. Whether it’s to set your drink down or hold your favorite lamp, side tables or even coffee tables are being made from everyday items that are creative and functional! From books to old vintage wood doors, everyday items can find a place in your home as a side table that blends with your décor or stands out and makes a statement.

  • Make furniture multifunctional: Furniture pieces in your home that serve one function can double as another. Try using a small or large ottoman as a side or coffee table. Trunks used to be thought of only for storage, try using varying size trunks as a table. Home décor catalogs have them wrapped in leather, upholstery and a variety of woods. Trunks and ottomans make perfect flat surfaces and can still be used for their original purpose.
  • Stacks of everyday items: Have you ever noticed that books can make the best tables? Stack your favorite classic hardback books into a beautiful side table for versatility and adjustment of height! Depending on the height of your bed or couch, a few big books or several small ones can adjust to the perfect proportions you need for your space. Have any vintage suitcases stacked up in the attack? They make a wonderful side table too!
  • Re-purpose items to make a side table: Thought about using an old dolly cart with wheels for a new side table? From doors to vintage milk crates, coffee and side tables can take on any form that you can imagine. Try visiting a lumber yard or craft store to get ideas for topping your unique table. A simple flat table surface is all you need, and the rest is left up to you!
  • Nature makes one-of-a-kind tables: Have you thought of using a wood stump as a side table? Wood, rocks and giant boulders are good alternatives for rustic décor and bring nature into your décor without you even trying. Local artisans in your area may be able to create you a sculptural table from natural products that you supply them with. Many artisans have resources of their own from quarry’s and wood harvesters. Ask them if they can make you a unique side or coffee table for your home.

Be creative when it comes to adding side tables to your décor. From everyday items that you forget about in your home, to giving baskets a new use, side tables can be intricate or simple, it’s your choice. Try and find items that resemble the texture and colors you have already started in your space. Natural fibers like sea grass and leather furniture will look beautiful paired with woven baskets turned upside down to serve as tables! Go ahead; look through your home, there is a side or coffee table ready to be discovered!

Freshome reader’s do you have some creative ways to make side tables in your home? Do you use a pile of books, or an old trunk? We’d love to hear your comments below.