Ever wondered how the home of an interior designer looks like? Well here’s your chance to take a virtual tour of Rafael De Cardenas’s crib, a highly creative one-bedroom apartment located in Manhattan. According to the description we received via e-mail, “the current setup is more a result of accumulation than decoration. The interiors are filled with artwork he’s bought or traded from friends, objects he inherited from his mother or bought on eBay, and leftovers from past jobs. De Cardenas has lined the entryway in diagonal black-and-white stripes. The rest of the interior, though, owes more to his own interests than to his design philosophies — there’s contemporary art all over the place and nostalgic items filched from his mother’s house”. We really like the artistic energy that this apartment inspires as well as the colorful and vivid arrangements. But most of all, we salute this apartment’s originality and charm, despite its somewhat crowded appearance.- via Sight Unseen