Gelotte Hommas completed the Fallen Maples Home in Issaquah, Washington. Here is the official description from the architects: “Nestled into a large forested site, this home takes environmental sensitivity to a new level.  Not only does it utilize the typical methods – ground-loop heat pump, extensive use of recycled products, excellent job-site management and a design that balances day lighting and heat loss. Maple trees harvested from the site were milled to provide the material for all the door and window trim, the cabinets, and special finish carpentry such as screens, a bench facing the kitchen, and the fireplace mantel. The result is a home that is truly of the site, not merely on the site. With all primary living spaces on the main floor, there is a strong connection between the house and the site.  The great room features a soaring roof that opens to the trees that surround a small lawn area carefully sculpted within the forest.  This roof extends over a partial upper floor containing bedrooms and a study loft that overlooks the great room. This is a delightful family home that truly connected to its site, both physically and emotionally.”