Pendant lights have a way of beautifying any room. Elegantly hanging above a table or gently diffusing light over your reading nook, pendant lights have come a long way from being just a light bulb on a cable. We hope you enjoy this display of pendant lights, some artistic, some highly versatile, but all of them having something special. After going through the list, it`s time to choose your favourites – we bet there are at least three designs that you would love to have in your home.

1. The Wise One Pendant Light

Latvian designers from mammalampa used the hollow core of a tree stump to create this stunning pendant lamp:” bored by plastic, we yearn for living beauty.‘” Using natural materials and modern technology, they managed to turn a part of a tree into a beautiful and elegant lampshade, with soft light and a natural feel.

2. The Betty Series

Made from laminated synthetic fibre, this beautiful white pendant light from Designlush looks like it`s made from dreamy strips of slightly curled ribbons. This pendant light is part of the exclusive signature Modernist line from Designlush, perfectly integrated in a residential or commercial space.

3. The MnM Pendant

Steve Jones designed this contemporary pendant light for Innermost. Made using 100% natural wool, it spreads light through an acrylic diffuser that can be placed in a convex or a concave position. The narrow opening spreads a diffuse light that will complement the interior that hosts it. The lamp is available in four colors: charcoal, natural, red and purple.

4. The NLC Pendant Light

Designed by Constantin Wortmann, this next LED pendant light goes well beyond the modern design, it almost looks out of this world. This one is a simple delight – it changes form depending on the vantage point of the beholder. Modern and elegant, the pendant beautifies a space looking for a contemporary touch.

5. The Favorite Things Pendant Light

The Favorite Things pendant light from Chen Karlsson is not only a source of light, but also a place to display your favorite (small) things. Having a bulb made from glass underneath the direct light source, the lamp can be adorned with small decorative objects.  It`s available in three colour combinations: charcoal/pastel green, light grey/gold and mustard yellow/navy.

6.  The Carbon 451 Lamp

This lamp is a creation of American artist and designer Marcus Tremonto. This piece made from carbon fiber borrows the most important features of the material – strength and lightness – to create complex thin curves that undulate for an amazing effect.

7. The Copper Shade Pendant

Tom Dixon‘s Copper Shade Pendant elegantly disperses an intimate light, creating a romantic atmosphere. The technology used to create this beautiful light is at least interesting: “the Copper Shade is created by exploding a thin layer of pure metal onto the internal surface of a polycarbonate globe. The result is a highly reflective surface with a warm metallic glow.

8. The Iguazu Neon System

The name of this pendant light, Ignazu, comes from the Ignazu Waterfalls on the borders of Brazil and Argentina which are harnessed by man to produce natural electricity. The Pendant light is made from cold neon light, giving you the possibility to touch it and reposition it. Designed by Iris Design Studio, the circular light is both beautiful and modern.

9. The Stealth Pendant Light

An amazing light uses its design to capture a visual moment of explosion. Characterized by an apparently chaotic form, the Stealth Pendant Light is made from a single plane of smooth Perspex, and folded into an origami like pyramid. Different colour combinations complement its unique shape: black/copper, black/pink or white/copper.

10. The Metallic Twig Pendant Light

This next Metallic Twig Pendant Light from Designlush you`ve already seen on Freshome. It`s so beautifully designed to imitate nature, that it needs to be seen again and again. I have already put it on my Christmas list. It`s made from sculpting clay over metal armature with four finishes: copper, palladium, gold or powder-coated.

11. Celsius Lamp

Elegantly displaying  amazing shapes, the Celsius series from Lima de Lezando combines glass and plastic for a glamorous effect. Three maxi LEDs allow the simulation of 16.000 colours of light and it also has a dimmer so you can explore the full range of emotions this light can shine upon you.

12. The Neutron Pendant

Created by LBL Lighting, these cylindrical pendant lights have a metal base which holds an acrylic light. These low voltage LED lights have clean, modern lines that enhance the idea of pure modernity. If you like modernist interiors, then this is a light to consider for your home.

13. The Dandelion Lamp

This next pendant light, the Dandelion, seems to be a little feminine at first glance, but once you take a second look, the explosion reference in its design allows you to see its brilliance. Richard Hutten is the one who created the lamp, so we have him to thank for this creative approach to light design.

14.The Dragonfly .MGX Pendant Light

This is a succulent design coming from designers Jan Wertel and Gernot Oberfell from Platform Studio. Made in Epoxy and produced with 3D printing technology, the Dragonfly imitates the curved honeycomb structure of insect eyes. For it to give a beautiful light and thus be more than a pretty thing hanging from the ceiling, the structure is closed on the upper cells and gradually opens up towards the lower part.

15. The Alma Light Stone Pendant

With an eccentric shape the Alma Light Stone Pendant is designed by Joseph Novell and Joseph Puig. Clearly a modern light, this pendant has a white Epoxy finish and it can be suspended up to 2 meters in height. The cables are adjustable with an auto blocking system, so aside from having a form that reminds us of natural pebbles, this pendant is also highly adjustable.

16. Carved Pendant Light

Another gorgeous and playful pendant light featured on Freshome some time ago, this pendant light is part of the Romantica collection from ALT Lucialternative. It has messages carved all over the lower part of its elegant, long shell. Italian words mark the continuation of an era in which words look best where you can see them.

17. The Joker Pendant Light

Although it was designed in 1970 by Christian Ræder, this fun lamp is made from hand-folded PVC slotted together. Its futuristic shape allows for the Joker pendant light to be successfully displayed in a modern home, especially because of its open form and sculptural body. There are many colours available: black, blue, green, orange, purple, petrol blue, white, red and yellow.

18. The La Paz Pendant Light

Showcasing a strong connection to the Edison bulb, the La Paz Pendant Light from Iris Design Studio is a beautiful representation of chaos in an artistic and beautiful manner: “The wonder of the piece is expressed in the way that diverse elements combine to create something that is, at its core, as old as the industrial revolution, but depicted here in a new, astonishing form.

19. Emily Pendant Light

Daniel Becker`s Emily light gathers a set of five slightly different shapes into a creation that will shine light on any chosen surface.  Five organically shaped metal shields contrast with the elegant timber frame. Made from sheets of painted steel, Emily hangs on an oak frame that insures its modernity along with the slim cables hanging from the ceiling.

20.The Crack Bowl Light

Korean design artist Kwon Jae Min created a unique pendant light made from thin sheets of locally-sourced wood. He thinks that “Object is the metaphor of that time.” Fissures that run along the pendant light give it an exotic apperance and accentuates the expert wood craftsmanship.

21. The Moonjelly Pendant

Made from a strong combination of rubber, paper and metal frames, the Moonjelly Pendant Light is a sustainable lamp that has at least 50% of the paper in its structure coming from sustainable forest management.  A shoji like structure keeps this lamp sturdy, but modern technology makes it immune to normal changes in humidity in the home.

22. The Trabant Series

Trabant 1 and Trabant 2 were created by Joachim Manz for Tecnolumen. An apparently heavy type of pendant lamp, the Trabant is spherical in form and has a glass lens available either in matt or clear. The suspension cables allow for the angle of the lamp to be altered.

23. The Knotted Egg Lamp

Australian designer Sarah Parkes is the creator of this next pendant light, called The Knotted Egg Lamp. Her label, Smalltown, creates mostly artistically knotted products, from home decorations to jewellery. You can clearly see the name of the lamp reflected in its form: a black knotted hanging lamp, made from 6mm polypropylene rope.

24.The Lum light bulbs

Arthur Brault`s Lum light bulbs not only offer light for any room in the house, but it also protects your home from the danger of fire. It has a built in smoke alarm that also continuously charges the battery of the smoke detector. Even more, if the smoke alarm goes off, the light turns on to help you find your way out.

25. The Void Pendant Light

This light comes from  Tom Dixon`s exploration of the reflective metal form. Solid sheets of spun metal are pressed to form a double wall shade that shine and reflect light at the same time. The series of pendant lights remind us of the Olympic medals. It is available in three finishes – brass, copper and stainless steel.

26. Shade Pendant Light

Atlanta-based designer Christopher Moulder conceived this  aircraft-aluminium pendant light with a unique design: “Inspired by the seemingly overworked and simple lamp shade, Shade brings new life to an iconic form with a formal appearance reminiscent of a water drop splash.”

27. Scheisse Pendant Light

Imitating a shattered lamp, the Scheisse Pendant Light from Scandinavian firm Northernlighting is a steel reminiscence of a former light bulb shape. This seems to have exploded in order to offer more light and an interesting design. Random shapes and wires were fused together to create a chaotic moment in time captured by the designers.

28. The Octo Pendant Lamp

Secto Design are the ones who concentrated on wood and opened their minds to creating shapes and objects that would be a perfect fit in a modern home. Take the Octo Pendant Lamp for example: an ample design concentrating on a series of bent wooden ribbons that form a globe-shaped pendant light can easily offer the versatility needed in any room.

29.Ta-rae Pendant lamps

Design Virus created these cute pendant lights composed of ten “Seoul colours” and gave them a Korean name: “Ta-rae is a word in Korean that represents bunched up and lumped threads or strings.” A thimble acts like the on-and-off switch – a creative way to completely design a functional object with a familiar shape.

30.Vessel Pendant Lamps

The last light in our list of 30 pendant lights is actually a set of three glass pendant lights gathered together under the name The Vessel Series. Samuel Wilkinson came up with this design that has been nominated for a British design award. The three mouth-blown forms were created without a mold thus making them appear like unique holographic shapes.