Montauk Residence was designed by Pentagram Architects and is located in Montauk, New York. The project consists of two separate buildings with distinct personalities: the main house and the guest house. Each of them has a generous outdoor area which takes full advantage of the closeness of the ocean. Especially built for a young couple (a film producer and a writer), the residence houses a writer’s studio which is located on the roof of the main house and an amazing looking home theater in the basement (the red room in the photos below). Here is more information from the architects about the challenges that came with building this project : The realization of such a remarkably transparent and open house, one that literally opens to the outside with enormous sliding glass walls, is quite a technical feat in an environment as harsh as the northern Atlantic shore. The radiant heated floors, geothermal wells, highly engineered glass and doors, along with fine construction tolerances contribute to the efficiency and comfort these houses offer in all seasons.  Be sure to take a close look at the photos below for a better understanding of this dazzling architecture performance.

View of the main house from the guesthouse

Main house with sliding panels

Colorful guest rooms

Guest house

The writer’s studio

The home theatre