For those of you who love to stay connected to the world through modern technology, today we have good news. The iProp just became available for pre-order. The iProp iPad stand was designed and developed to make your life easier and more comfortable. It is a device that helps you use your iPad at its full potential. Whether you want to turn it into an alarm clock or just find a non-intrusive way to enjoy the iPad and have more room for other things on your desk, the iProp will give you more freedom and space. The iPad stand is mounted on a 36 inch articulated stand with a weighted base that can be bent and twisted to display your tablet wherever you like using it the most. The stand allows you to read, watch movies, videos, follow tweets and apps without using your hands to hold it. Its V-shaped base weighs 6 pounds and it can be pre-ordered at the price of $79.95 from here.via