Combining different features, the modern designers find new ways of usefully expressing themselves every day. More and more objects have double functions in order to cater to the clients ` needs. This is also true for the next luxurious dining table from Lee J Rowland: the Poker Dining Table. This black table easily transforms from a dining table into a gaming surface. A curvaceous vitreous enamel finish sparkles on the surface of the table, making it incredibly beautiful. Besides being a high-class dining/poker table, this piece of furniture can also be used as a business table. It has a high-end motor that rotates the playing/eating surface. Nothing is too luxurious for Rowland`s clients. The lifestyle of the rich and happy might just be less fun without the Poker Dining Table. Being a luxurious piece of furniture, the Poker Dining table is worth a little over $ 57.000.