Have you ever bought a piece of wall art and then realized it can’t be appreciated in the room as you thought? Often time’s wall art is purchased on its own, without regard to how it will look in the room, or how guests will enjoy it when they enter the space. To make wall art the focal point of your room, consider these tips when arranging your room, furniture, and when buying your wall art.

  • Get inspired: Art work is meant to evoke an emotion and feeling when you admire it. Choose art work that you enjoy and which makes your space tell a story. Sure, the colors and context should compliment your décor as well, but the feeling behind the artwork should come across to be enjoyed by all who view it. Look around your space for inspiration, whether it is the colors, the architectural lines, or the gorgeous ocean or woodland view out the window.  Your artwork should make inhabitants feel part of your space, to become the focal point.
  • Non-traditional artwork: Who says the focal point of the room has to be a piece of framed wall art? You can make wall art be your kitchen cabinets that are outfitted in the latest trend color, or make the fish aquarium that lines your living room wall become your ‘wall art’. Instantly these pieces become the focal point of the room with the use of color, drama, and obviously the live fish are artwork enough!
  • Position of the furniture: The direction your furniture sits in your space will help create the focal point you desire. If you have a dramatic red accent wall with wall art, position your furniture directly at it, to bring an unmistakable center stage focal point. Similarly fireplaces, expansive window wall vistas and stone accent walls can be beautiful backdrops for positioning furniture towards to display wall art. Depending on your space, the backdrop may be all the art you need.
  • Abstract wall art: To bring in another level of attraction, consider using abstract wall art that doesn’t have a concrete theme or picture, but has colors and hues that you love. Abstract art can be a focal point by tying your elements together beautifully. Often time’s abstract artwork will be the glue that marries the textiles, the furnishings and finishes together without you even trying. If you’re having a difficult time in figuring out what the finishing touch of a room is, look to abstract art work, and you may just complete the puzzle.

When trying to pull a room together, look to art work to provide the added focal point you may need. Through inspiration, and positioning of your furniture, the art work in your space can become the show stopper. Some people find it easier to buy the art work first and then design their space around it. Pulling color from artwork might be easier than trying to search for the perfect yellow couch! Every one designs differently, find a way to make your artwork work for you and your space.

Freshome readers do you have a piece of artwork that pulls the whole room together in your home? Tell us about it in the comment section below.