The fascination for reducing objects to their components determined designer Daniel Weil to create this exquisite product. Clock for an Architect is a one-of-a-kind design and it was especially developed as a gift. The main side of the clock was made of nickel-plated brass and silver, the mechanism is powered  by a single AA battery and turned by visible rubble belts. We find this unusual clock to have a striking elegance, despite its designer’s interest for emphasizing on how things work: “Objects like clocks are both prosaic and profound. Prosiac because of their ubiquity in everyday life, profound because of the mysterious nature of time itself. Time can be reduced to hours, minutes and seconds, just as a clock can be reduced to its component parts. This doesn’t explain time, but in a way simply exposes its mysterious essence.” We’ve also attached two of Daniel’s sketches for a glimpse of how this idea was born. Have a look ! – via SpaceInvading