Recently completed by Kazuya Morita Architecture, the Pentagonal House comes to defy our perception of residential symmetries. This original project was especially developed for a young couple and is located near Nagoya, Japan. Its exterior was designed to harmonize with that of the buildings near by and it has a contemporary appearance: To respect for and harmonize with neighboring environment, we delivered traditional hipped roof as many neighboring houses has. This characteristic pentagonal geometry of plan was delivered to have the maximum space in this site and adequate open space around it. Five main structural walls were set in radially, and it makes possible to take in the outside spaces as extension of interior spaces. In the center of the architecture, radial walls were cut off in dome shape, to make space for a dining table. Besides delivering this characteristic geometry ( it is a kind of technology) to the plan of this architecture, we tried to use the most usual wooden structure system what most Japanese houses are constructed nowadays. Walls were finished with round corner in Japanese traditional white plaster. The interiors look amazing with plenty of light invading all the rooms of the house. The only thing missing here seems to be privacy, but that is currently not an issue for the couple.