Californian architect Bruce Bolander has been designing residential and commercial buildings since 1995 from his office in Malibu. One of his creations, the Gartner Residence, lies on the banks of a river, beautifully expressing its shape at dusk.  The residential design of this home captured us with its refined simplicity that adds a feeling of elegance to the street it is situated on. Huge windows allow a full view of the river and welcome sunshine indoors. The exterior design seems rather usual, but the interior features some pretty cool furniture and finishes. Take, for example, the black bookcase in the study: an amazing game of colour and darkness creates a great room for reading and relaxation. This house sits between two streets: on one side the main entrance, on the other- the garage. Bright and natural colours make the interiors have an elegant yet cool way of mixing. Also, a lot of glass was used when designing this home. A small courtyard accomplishes the need for fresh, clean air and offers the much needed connection to nature.